Are Casino Reload Bonuses Worth Your Time?

Casino Bonus with Money and Casino Chips
Many online casinos advertise huge bonuses on their homepages. For example, a gaming site might feature a 100% match bonus worth up to $1,000 + 100 free spins.

These deals are known as welcome bonuses. They’re available to new players and are typically generous offers.

What’s available, though, when you’re no longer a new player? Reload bonuses, which provide an opportunity to keep earning extra money.

A reload bonus isn’t quite as lucrative as a welcome deal. Therefore, you may wonder if it’s even worth going after these deals. The following guide covers more on reload bonuses along if they’re ultimately worth chasing.

What Is a Reload Bonus?

A welcome bonus covers your first deposit at a new online casino. Sometimes, it evens covers multiple deposits.

In either case, your welcome deal will eventually be exhausted. Reload bonuses are what’s available after this point.

If you run out of funds, you must reload your account with another deposit to keep playing real-money casino games. Reload deals ensure that you can capitalize on more free cash with a deposit.

Here’s an example on how a reload bonus works.

  • A mobile casino offers a 100% match bonus worth up to $100.
  • You deposit $50.
  • You’re now in line for a $50 bonus.

You’ll find these deals in the promotions section of online casinos. Some gaming sites even offer reload bonuses as part of their loyalty programs. In this case, you’ll sometimes earn larger reload deals by obtaining a higher loyalty status.

Not all reload bonuses are the same—especially when moving from casino to casino. But many of them share similar characteristics. Here are the main traits of a reload bonus as compared to a welcome deal.

Lower Match Percentage

Most welcome bonuses offer at least a 100% match on your deposit. Some even feature huge match percentages of 200% or 300%.

In the latter case, you’re qualified for lots of bonus money with a relatively small deposit. Casinos offer large match percentages to impress new potential customers.

They don’t feel a major need, though, to woo existing customers. As a result, reload bonuses don’t usually feature high matches.

Many of these deals, for example, offer 75% or even 50% matches. While you can still earn money with these offers, you’re aren’t going to get as much out of deposits.

Lower Maximum Amount

Few reload deals offer significant amounts of money. Most of them top out at anywhere between $100 and $200. You might be disappointed when moving from welcome bonuses worth $1,000 or more to smaller amounts.

On the other hand, you might not mind the lower max amounts if you’re a low roller. After all, you probably won’t be depositing more than $100 in this case.

Frequently Available

A welcome bonus is exactly what the name implies—a welcoming offer. It only covers your first deposit and is no longer available after the fact.

Reload bonuses, on the other hand, are available in greater frequency.

Most gaming sites offer at least one or more of these deals at any given time.

If you play plenty of mobile casino games, then you’ll definitely want to visit the promotions section of your favorite sites. From here, you can find the proper bonus code and fund your account.

When Is It Worth Going for Reload Bonuses?

You don’t want to jump at the first reload bonus you see.

Instead, you should look for the following scenarios when it’s actually worth chasing these deals.

You Love a Certain Online Casino

Mobile casinos can stand out for a variety of reasons, including their game selection, promotions, customer support, and banking options. Upon finding a casino that has everything you value, then you’ll likely stick with it.

In this situation, you should take advantage of whatever reload deals that particular gaming site offers. This way, you keep earning bonus cash while enjoying your favorite online casino.

The Bonuses Are Better than Average

Again, reload bonuses aren’t known for huge match percentages or maximum amounts. But they can be more worthwhile at certain casinos.

Some gaming sites offer better reload deals to keep their customers around. If you find such a casino, then you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on its promotions.

Terms & Conditions Are Really Fair

Terms and conditions make all the difference when it comes to a bonus. They can actually make a smaller deal become really attractive under the right circumstances.

This is especially the case when it comes to the playthrough. Lower playthrough (rollover) means that you won’t have to bet as much when unlocking bonus funds.

Here’s an example between two different offers to illustrate the importance of rollover.

  • Bonus #1
    • You qualify for a $100 bonus.
    • Playthrough is 40x.
    • 100 x 40 = $4,000 must be wagered
    • You need to bet $4,000 before withdrawing the funds.
  • Bonus #2
    • You qualify for a $100 bonus.
    • Playthrough is 60x.
    • 100 x 60 = $6,000 must be wagered
    • You need to bet $6,000 before withdrawing the funds.

Of course, you also want to pay attention to the other terms and make sure that they’re fair. Assuming they are, then you’re likely looking at a quality reload bonus.

When Should You Ignore Reload Bonuses?

Not all online casinos feature worthwhile reload deals.

Here are some factors that might make you want to look for reload bonuses at another casino.

You Only Want the Welcome Bonus

If you’re a gambler who highly values great deals, then you’ll gain lots of value by only focusing on welcome bonuses.

You can essentially hop around the gaming industry and capitalize on welcome deals at many different mobile casinos. This approach allows you to benefit from the best offers again and again.

Of course, it also requires going through the signup and deposit process over and over. But it can be worthwhile when you’re really focused on the best offers.

The Bonuses Aren’t that Great

Reload deals often pale in comparison to welcome bonuses. They don’t normally offer as good of match percentages or maximum amounts.

Of course, you’ll rarely find a reload bonus that’s as good as the average welcome deal. But you also shouldn’t settle for really weak reload bonuses either.

If a particular offer only features a 50% match on your deposit, then you should definitely consider avoiding it. Likewise, you shouldn’t go for any deal that has high playthrough and/or other unfavorable terms and conditions.

You’re Trying Out Different Casinos

You might have trouble deciding between multiple online casinos and simply want to try them all out. In this case, you can cash in on welcome bonuses while getting a feel for each site.


During this process, you should probably avoid reload bonuses. If you’re not 100% sure about a certain online casino, then you can hop to the next one and benefit from its welcome bonus.

I always recommend trying as many online casinos as you can. You never know which online casino you’re going to like the best until you play.

On the other hand, when you find an online casino that you like and they take good care of you, you can settle in and just play there. Just make sure that they’re giving you the best bonuses. If they aren’t giving you the best bonuses tell them that you’re leaving if they don’t do better.


Reload bonuses may not be as glamorous as welcome offers. However, they’re worth pursuing under the right circumstances.

A decent match percentage (75% or above) and fair T&Cs can make these deals worthwhile. By choosing quality online casinos, you improve your odds of finding good reload bonuses.

Of course, these offers aren’t worth chasing in every case. Some reload bonuses are too small and/or have poor terms.

In summary, you should look closely at reload deals to ensure that they’re worth your time. Hopefully, you’ll find a mobile casino that consistently features good reload bonuses.

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