Beginner’s Guide To Betting On The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is fast approaching, bringing the NFL season to a thrilling climax. This year marks 55 years of the championship game in American football with Super Bowl LV.

If you have never bet on this before, then you need to know
what your options are.

This is our guide to Super Bowl betting, showing novices and newbies how and where to place your wagers on the big match.

Popular Super Bowl Betting Markets

For starters, it is useful to get the lowdown on the most
popular Super Bowl bets so you know what you can bet on.

These are the wagers bettors place most often on the NFL
championship game each and every year:


With the Super Bowl moneyline, you bet on which of the two
teams will win the championship game once the two finalists are known. It’s as
simple as that.

Moneyline odds are three-figure numbers and favorites have
a minus sign (-) next to their price. This value shows you how much you would
have to bet to win $100 on a wager.

The underdogs, meanwhile, have a plus sign (+) next to
their odds. Moneyline prices here highlight what you would win off a $100

Point Spread

Oddsmakers calculate a points total that they believe will
be the likely difference between the two NFL teams contesting the Super Bowl.
This is called the spread or point spread.

You can either bet on the favorites to win by this margin
or greater, or back the underdogs to win or lose by less than this number of

A successful bet is said to cover the spread.


The Over/Under markets reflect whether there will be more
or less than a set number of combined points picked up by both teams in a part
of the Super Bowl.

Betting on each quarter or half, as well as the entire
game, are all offered by sportsbooks.

You can wager on whether you think the oddsmakers have
underestimated (Over) or overestimated (Under) the total points scored.

Super Bowl Prop Bets

Prop bets, a short form of proposition, are hugely popular on the Super Bowl and cover all sorts of bases.

You can make wagers on everything from who will sing the
National Anthem to who scores the first touchdown of the game.

Props are also available on the Super Bowl MVP, the quarterback who makes the most passing yards and touchdown passes, and even the Halftime Show.

Super Bowl popular bets

How To Place Super Bowl Bets

Putting a bet on the Super Bowl is no different any other
form of sports wager.

If you’re new to it all, then just follow these simple

1. Pick a legit and licensed sportsbook for Super Bowl betting

We have a number of recommended Super Bowl betting sites that tick all the boxes. More on that below.

2. Sign up to the betting site

In order to get a bet on in the first place, you must have a betting account. That means signing up to a sportsbook and entering your personal details.

3. Create a username and password for your sportsbook account

All betting sites will insist on this security measure. It helps to protect you when gambling online.

4. Now make a deposit so you have funds to bet with

You can’t place wagers without money in your account, but think carefully about your betting budget and what you can afford.

5. Claim a welcome bonus for joining as a new customer

Sign-up offers are common throughout the gambling industry and incentivize bettors to join up to sportsbooks.

6. Locate the NFL betting tab or section on the sportsbook

Online bookmakers will display their Super Bowl markets prominently on the site near to the big game. You should be able to find them easily.

7. Search the Super Bowl betting markets for the wager you want

There will be lots of bets to choose from. Find the wager that looks like the best value for you and has a good chance of winning.

8. Click the odds of your selection to add it to the betslip

You can place more than one bet together at once. This is called a Super Bowl parlay, but only comes recommended for experienced bettors.

9. Now enter the stake you want to wager

Remember, you can only bet up to the amount of your account balance. Set yourself stake limits and stick to them, as this ensures responsible gambling.

10. Confirm and place your Super Bowl bet

Some sportsbooks may give you the option of cashing out
wagers that you place later on. Always make it your decision if you want to end
a bet early.

Welcome bonus on phone screen

Where To Bet On The Super Bowl

As noted above, you should be betting on the top Super Bowl betting sites out there.

The online sportsbooks you use need to be reliable, fully
licensed and regulated, and above all legal. can help you there. We only recommended the best
places to put your Super Bowl bets on with details of the all the latest odds,
welcome bonuses and more.

We offer comprehensive reviews that you can read before
signing up, so you know what to expect and can make an educated decision about
which sportsbook is best for you.

Quick Tips For Beginners

We all need a bit of advice when starting out; so, if this
is the first Super Bowl that you have bet on, here are some top tips to

Do your research to find the best odds

It could pay to shop around for the best odds before
signing up to one of the Super Bowl betting sites we recommend.

Oddsmakers at sportsbooks may calculate their prices for
the moneyline and spread differently, so you could find extra value.

Don’t go too wild with prop bets

When it comes to Super Bowl betting, it is easy to get
carried away in the excitement of it all.

There is so much choice out there, particularly with the
prop bets, that you can end up gambling more than you intended. It is wiser to
find bets on the game that you can research rather than guessing what color
Gatorade gets dumped on the coach by the winning team.

Check the stats

Before placing a point spread bet, for instance, you can
check out the record of all NFL franchises of covering it.

This stat is actually recorded every game against the
spread (ATS) as the margin of victory (MOV). That data can be vital in helping
you pick out a winning Super Bowl bet.

We hope this guide has helped you to make an informed decision when you bet on the Super Bowl this year.

Enjoy the game!

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