Big cooking pot at 4/8 limitation Omaha hi-lo poker money game

My regional card space reopened and presently offers 7 handed 4/8 omaha hi-lo cash game every Monday and Wednesday. Betting is capped at 4 wagers per road. We went week that is there last played for a bit. The table dynamic is aggressive. Every hand is usually capped pre flop ($16 to see the first 3 cards) hand that is biggest associated with the evening had been once I found had a suited ace in center place. As – Jx – 4s – 3x.. We limped set for $4 bucks, but by the right time it got back to me, it was already capped at $16. $12 more dollars to call to see the flop. Fuck it. We go 5 ways to the flop.

Flop was all real face cards with two spades. No set in the board. No feasible low

Capped in the flop – $16 from everybody else – like 4 individuals the turn.

Turn was the lovely 6 of spades, offering me the nut flush.

Capped in the change – another $32 from 4 players.

River had been a blank that is complete 2 of hearts. Betting got up to $16. 3 people called.

Just imagine a mountain that is giant of1 buck potato chips in the center of the dining table. We don’t slow roll my hand. I happened to be 1st anyone to table their hand. I’d the very best hand that is possible everyone was like “wow” Someone had the King high. The queen was had by another player high with a flopped straight.

It had been a juicy that is big and I raked it all in. I don’t remember the total that is exact of cooking pot nevertheless when We racked up at the conclusion associated with the session, I’d to make use of 5 racks.

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