Canadian family members claims $60 million Lotto Max jackpot

It’s the nation’s payout that is largest from a ticket bought online

By Kate Northrop

A man from Winnipeg, Canada could barely comprehend the lifechanging notion that he was the sole winner of the $60 million (US$46.77 Million) Lotto Max jackpot from the Jan. 22 drawing and initially shook off the basic concept.

John Chua’s spouse, Jhoana, woke him up at the beginning of the early morning the very next day to inform him that some body from their city had won the record jackpot, but their very first a reaction to hearing the news headlines ended up being frustration him.

“I that it was likely not was jealous of whoever won… not knowing it was me,” he jokingly told the Western Canada Lottery.

John would regularly purchase tickets for his family but began playing online in November when health that is public limited the retail purchase of lottery seats in Manitoba. The after the draw, he checked his account online but did not immediately recognize any signs that would indicate he was a winner.

He morning dismissed it for the time being and went on with his day, not realizing that the email that is single would get later on would alter everything.

“I Thought it may be a Free Play or something,” he said when he recalled checking his email. “But it said $60 million so I checked on when I got home— I was confused. And here it had been; i did not view it earlier in the day into the “

John morning couldn’t believe that the winner of the Lotto Max jackpot from Winnipeg was really him. According to the Lottery, he did actually win two plays that are free addition towards the $60,000,020 reward, which he’s splitting together with spouse, their mom Angie Chua, and their uncle Ben Lagman.

Not Only is it the lottery jackpot that is biggest ever awarded to a player in Manitoba, but it is the largest amount ever paid out to a ticket purchased online in Canada.

John matched the seven numbers that are winning the Lotto Max Jan. 22 drawing to collect the jackpot, that have been 11, 21, 23, 25, 28, 41, and 43. The Bonus Ball ended up being 10.

In an interview aided by the Lottery, Angie stated she could not understand that her son ended up being telling her on her.

“He always plays jokes — he’s a joker, so I didn’t believe it,” she said that they were about to be multi-millionaires and thought her son was playing a prank. “I believe now that it’s real. Now we’re not just dreaming anymore.”

News story photoJohn said that his mind went blank when it finally sunk in that he knows to be cautious with how he manages the winnings.

“I’m that he won the massive prize but remarked certainly not yes now,” he stated of their plans that are future. “That’s why probably I will take my time before spending all that money to whatever. I just want to be wise, and I have kids now, so now I’m thinking for the future.”(*)The big win hasn’t deterred him from playing either. If anything, it’s encouraged him to keep playing for entertainment.(*)”It’s a complete lot of enjoyable!” he laughed.(*)(Click to produce full-size in gallery)(*)The champions of this $60 million Lotto Max jackpot in Winnipeg happen established. John Chua and their family members would be the people whom bought the ticket that is winning. (From kept to right, John Chua, John’s spouse Jhoanna Chua, John’s mother Angie Chua, and John’s uncle Ben Lagman.)(*)

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