Coin Toss Outcome Heads or Tails Prop Bet – Super Bowl 55

The coin toss is the single most wagered on prop bet for any Super Bowl. The odds are typically -110 on both Heads and Tails but there are variations on this bet and the pricing.

Since the first Super Bowl, HEADS has come up 25 times and TAILS 29. The winner of the Super Bowl has won the coin toss 24 times with HEADS coming up 12 times (half).

If you are looking for a recent trend, Tails has occurred in six of the last seven Super Bowls.

Below are some popular variations of the coin toss bet.

Coin Toss outcome

Heads -105

Tails -105

Will Chiefs call coin toss correctly?

Yes -105

No -105

What will the Chiefs call during coin toss?

Heads -110

Tails -130

What will Chiefs elect if win coin toss?

Defer -2500

Receive +900

What will Bucs elect if win coin toss?

Defer +100

Receive -140

Will team that wins coin toss win game?

Yes -105

No -105

– Ean Lamb,

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