Flip & Go discard strategy

As I stated last week, there is more skill than people think in the discard stage of the new Flip & Go format. To give a quick example, here is a hand a particularly bone headed student of my quizzed me on. This is what he asked me:

Do you discard the 6 here? I didn’t but almost went with the flush draw instead. K2s being out there already and a few other spades meant I figured I was better off hoping one pair could hold even though both my set outs are gone.


My response:

Aces is massive even without the set out. Interestingly the second best hand is J5 because of so many clubs live.


A6 despite being the nut spade flush draw is garbage in this spot. The number of your suit live is the key factor as we can see J5 is almost three times better because there are more live clubs.


Note also how much better 87 is than 64. People tend to overrate connected gappers. This spot is a perfect indication of how people could make a horrendous error in the format: keeping A6 is more than a two buy-in mistake.

One last note, the initial question suggested that if there had been less dead Spades it might have been a closer decision. After all a flush is a Nutted hand that we want to get multiway and one pair rarely holds seven way. Let’s look at the same hands but take out all but one of the dead Spades making us very ‘live’.


Our hand does indeed have reasonable equity multiway, but it still doesn’t perform as well as Bullets do.


Dara O’Kearney is sponsored by Unibet and is co-host of the award winning Chip Race Podcast. He has recently been coaching players on his new format.

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