I just inadvertently put myself through torture. Don’t be stupid like me.

I put $2500 on the Colorado Avalanche to win in regulation tonight against the San Jose Sharks mostly because I hate my life. The Sharks played really well the first 10 minutes or so and were up by 1. At this point I was starting to get worried about my bet. I started looking to see how I could hedge but luckily for me Colorado ended up scoring 3 goals in the last 5 minutes of period 1. I was ecstatic! They turned a 1 goal deficit into a 2 goal lead. They dominated the rest of the game and won handily. It was the most exciting hockey game I had watched. Lots of scoring and I won a lot of money. About an hour later I went and logged on to my bookie to check what my balance was at after the win. For some reason it was still $2500 short from the day before? I checked my bet history and there was nothing there. I went to the pending bets tab and saw to my horror that I had placed my bet for SJS vs COL on January 28, 2021. The same 2 teams are playing again in 2 days and I accidentally placed my bet for that game. I THOUGHT I ALREADY WON!!!! I watched a whole hockey game thinking I had money on it, I was so happy by the end of the game and it was all a lie.Now I have to wait 2 days and watch them play again and hope that the avalanche wins twice in a row. The moral of the story is to always check the date of the game you are betting on. I know most people don’t need this reminder but there are probably a couple people who are as dumb as me out there.

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