Impact Wrestling Results (1/26) – Fire ‘N Flava Fest Goes Awry

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Impact Wrestling Results returned as Fallah Bahh lost a hand of blackjack in Swinger’s palace with John E. Brave as the dealer.

Hogan and Steelz arrived and offered them tickets to their event but only at ringside along with his Swinger’s Swingerellas.

They said Bravo can come, but Bahh has to pay, so Bravo took his last check and Swinger made sure to take all the money as they headed out.

Susan challenges Grace

Deonna Purrazzo told Kimber lee and Susan about how great Hard To Kill was and that Taya Valkyrie was arrested and won’t ever bother her again.

[embedded content]

Lee and Susan went on how they finished Jordynn Grace and Jazz, and as luck would have it Grace and Jazz came up to them.

Susan interrupted Purrazzo to tell grace that next week she’ll find out why her name is Susan when she takes Grace on one on one.

Fire ‘n Flava Fest

Alisha Edwards welcomed us as the emcee and introduced Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz to get the party started.

Hogan and Steelz came out dancing, and Steelz dodged Swinger’s attempt to get close as she entered the ring.

They grabbed mics and introduced themselves as the new Knockout Tag Team Champions.

Steelz added that they told everybody from the beginning they’d be at the top of the mountain.

When Hogan asked if everyone’s ready to get the party started only Bravo clapped and that was half heartily.

The referee said it’s a dumpster fire and wondered where the stars were.

Bravo asked about the food and the Swingerettes handed out Styrofoam containers with slices of bread and still wrapped cheese.

The Swingerettes then handed out then champagne that Alisha had to spit out it was so bad.

Hogan and Steelz turned on their guests citing Swinger’s Tarzan outfit and the rest of them.

Steelz headed to the floor where someone was in a StayPuff Marshmallow suit. She thought it was Bahh, but when she pulled the mask off it was Nevaeh.

Nevaeh dropped Steelz with a right and Havok took out Hogan from behind.

Havok then dropped Steels and they headed to the floor as Havok and Nevaeh trashed the ring and Alisha happily called them the winners of Fire ‘n Flava Fest.

This had so much potential but seemed to fall flat for some reason. Maybe they needed more wrestlers present or more of an ambiance?

What do you think? Let Impact Wrestling Results know your thoughts below in the comments.

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