Is loose/Aggressive poker the way forward?

With smaller player pools and poker sites going to the unlimited re-entry format to boost prize pools, loose/aggressive seems much more common. There have always been loose/aggressive players in the game. But let’s not confuse loose/aggressive players with bingo players that want to see a lot of flops, but do a lot of check/calling and check/folding.

LAG style requires a certain understanding of the game that allows players who avail themselves of this style to have a feel for where they are in a hand, when to push and when to let go. Because of that, there seemed to only be so many players using that style and even fewer who were actually successful at it. But now, with unlimited re-entries available it’s quite common to see players getting in there mixing it up and throwing chips around with a much wider range of hands. For instance, it’s not uncommon at all these days to see someone jumping into a four-way all-in situation with something like 5-8 suited. The odds don’t seem to favor them. But if they win, they’ll take down a huge pot. If they lose, they can simply re-enter.

I don’t think players are necessarily utilizing LAG style more effectively. Instead, they seem to be taking advantage of the ability to re-enter multiple times. It’s like I say, skill usually beats luck, but todays unlimited re-entry format gives luck more chances.

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