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Before getting into this list, one thing I want to note is that I personally have used each of the below websites and apps (including the “honorable mentions”) at least once to purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Coinbase.com (Website & App) – Most Popular

I’m sure everyone is familiar with Coinbase, but a little tip that I have is to make sure you purchase and sell crypto through Coinbase Pro in order to get the best rates. Additionally, Coinbase is registered with FinCEN, so make sure you do not transfer crypto directly to/from Coinbase and the online casinos. If you do, there is a good chance your account will get terminated.

Crypto.com (App) – Best Coinbase Alternative

If you happen to have been terminated from Coinbase, I personally believe that Crypto.com is your best option. Purchasing crypto with a debit/credit card is seamless and the funds will become available instantly for withdrawal. As with Coinbase, you have the option to fund your account via ACH, but it will take 3-5 business days until the money hits your account. The nice thing about Crypto.com is that they are not registered with FinCEN, so it will be “safe” for you to send crypto directly to/from Crypto.com and the online casino without having to use an intermediary wallet. The one downside is that all crypto withdrawals from Crypto.com need to be approved by the site, so it could take up to 15 minutes before the withdrawal is processed. Fees are around 3% on a debit card and 6% on a credit card. If you were to deposit USD via ACH then you would not be charged a fee on your purchase (although one could argue an arbitrage fee is baked into USD to crypto conversion rate).

Cash App (App) – Easiest to Use

Cash App is without a doubt the easiest way to purchase Bitcoin. Link a debit card, make sure your account is verified, and with 6 clicks you’ll be able to purchase Bitcoin that is instantly withdrawable. Cash App is a publicly traded company and registered with FinCEN, so as with Coinbase, I would not recommend sending Bitcoin from your Cash App wallet directly to the online casino. If you do so, Cash App will start blocking your transactions from going through and eventually terminate your account. Fees are pretty good, coming in ~2%, but again not considering any arbitrage fee baked into the conversion rate.

BRD – bitcoin wallet (App) – Best Intermediary Wallet

I have always recommended BRD as the best intermediary wallet for transferring crypto to/from Coinbase and the online casino, but it should be known that you can also purchase BTC and ETH on BRD. The App uses Wyre and Simplex as 3rd party providers and give you the option to purchase using Credit/Debit Card and Apple Pay. Once the purchase is complete, the crypto will be available for withdrawal from your BRD wallet within minutes. I would recommend going through Wyre, as the fees are ~5% (not including cash advance fee/interest on cash advance if using a credit card). Simplex fees tend to be closer to 7% (ditto message above).

Banxa.com (Website) – Best for Banks that Don’t Allow Crypto Purchases

Banxa is a great option if you’re running into issues with your bank turning down crypto purchases. I don’t believe most banks have yet to recognize Banxa as a crypto exchange, which could also prove to be helpful if you’re looking to dodge cash advance fees on credit card purchases. Banxa does not have its own crypto wallet, so you’ll need to enter an address where the funds will be sent. Although I would not recommend doing this, I have entered the crypto casino deposit address as “my own” address and did not run into any issues. Banxa isn’t registered with FinCEN so you won’t run into any AML issues, but it’s probably best to have the funds sent to your personal wallet rather than casino‘s. Fees are ~2%, but as with Crypto.com I’m sure there is an arbitrage fee baked into the conversion rate.

Paxful.com (Website & App) – Best “Last Resort” Option

Paxful is a P2P Bitcoin market place that, in my personal view, should only be used as a last resort. Rates generally aren’t great, so you should expect to pay on average 10% in “fees” (plus a flat 0.0005 BTC fee on withdrawals). The site is full of scammers so you need to be extremely careful when it comes to who you trade with. Just because somebody has a bunch of good reviews doesn’t mean that they won’t try to scam you. If you do plan to buy on Paxful, I highly recommend screen recording the entire transaction to serve as proof if you run into an issue with the seller.

Few Honorable Mentions

Coinmama.com (Website)

Gemini.com (Website & App)

Binance.com (Website & App)

KuCoin.com (Website & App)

Abra.com (Website & App)

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