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Bingo’s new audience is one of the worst-kept secrets of recent times. Everyone now understands that young people love to play a game that is traditionally viewed as old-fashioned. In fact, men and women in their 20s and 30s are the biggest demographics, which is a sizeable shift considering who used to play.
Still, who plays isn’t interesting, not anymore. Why they play is what is the intriguing question. After all, cool hipsters might have more to do than indulge with their dotters and dabbers, yet they turn up in the droves, online and in-person. So, what’s the deal?

The Move to Online

The move from bingo halls to online betting sites and casinos has turned bingo into a playground for the young. Part of the reason 28% of 25 to 34s are narrowly ahead of the 35 to 44 age brackets (26%) in terms of popularity is that the online world caters to them better.

After all, they are more likely to own a smartphone. A massive 98% of young adults can’t go without one, compared to the national average of 84% for UK adults. Even more revealing is the fact that only 53% of those aged 65 and over have internet access through their smartphones. As a result, bingo online is more likely to market to their main players, as you can see by online bingo in UK services which use modern techniques such as music marketing to enhance the user experience.

Until more older people jump on the mobile device bandwagon and increase their internet capabilities, the online version of bingo will continue to engage the younger audiences who can access it more easily. It may be possible that the health benefits that bingo brings may be the thing that temps older players back to playing bingo.

More People Staying In

In many ways, bingo has benefited from the natural progression of young people to stay in more often. For instance, over 50% of couples in Britain would rather stay in than go out in the UK. When you factor in the reasons why it’s clear that bingo has a part to play.

According to a survey by a leading bingo provider, 41% of young adults said they prefer playing bingo with friends as opposed to clubbing and drinking. And, it’s logical considering how many Brits are spending the weekends at home since people need activities for entertainment.

With bingo, the opportunities are endless because it’s widely available with an internet connection. Even if young people don’t have access to the web, the fundamentals, such as pen, paper and balls, are very accessible.

Bonding with Family

Lastly, bingo is a wholesome game that involves everyone. As the stat regarding young adults and clubbing highlights, lots of twenty-somethings aren’t obsessed with going out on the town. They also have duties, such as spending time with loved ones. Indeed, the same survey reported that 49% of people have fond memories of playing bingo with family members.

Therefore, it appears that bingo is a way for younger generations to reconnect with the people they love, especially as it’s a game that’s enjoyed by various age groups.


As always, the role of the internet has played a big part in the engagement of young bingo players. But so has the more people staying in and bonding with loved ones.

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