Kambi Announces Week-Long Festival of Sportsbook In March

Retail and mobile sports betting supplier Kambi will host “a new week-long content series where it will share insight and expertise on some of the most pressing sports betting industry topics,” according to a company announcement.

Dubbed the Kambi Festival of Sportsbook, the event is an interesting addition to the usual conference calendar, as it’s the first time (to my knowledge) that a specific company is putting this type of an event together.

Few companies have the overall experience to pull off a week-long sports betting content series. Kambi certainly fits the bill, having established itself as a go-to sports betting partner in the US and worldwide.

Kambi in the US

In the US, Kambi is the foundation of many of the top sports betting platforms in the market. Since the fall of PASPA in 2018, it has partnered with many US operators in 13 states following recent launches in Michigan and Virginia, including:

In a November 2020 interview, CEO Kristian Nylén told Betting USA:

“We’ve supported more online launches than any other sportsbook partner, from an operational perspective, and launched into more properties, 45 and counting, in the states that have launched sports betting post-PASPA. This has seen our partners gain a c.40% market share and provides us with a great amount of data and insights we’ll be using to improve our product even further as we move into 2021. And 2021 will be a significant year with more states opening up and some very ambitious partners eager to expand.”

The Kambi Festival of Sportsbook

Details are scant at this time, but here’s what we know so far.

The Kambi Festival of Sportsbook is scheduled for the week of March 15-19 and “will feature a mix of content aimed at a variety of audiences and geographies, delivered by a range of Kambi’s experienced subject experts and special guests.”

The Festival will have public and invite-only sessions on subjects ranging from sports integrity to the benefits of a partner network to regulation. In effect, the Festival appears to be a combination webinar-gaming conference that will offer content from intro type education sessions to high-level presentations.

Erik Lögdberg, Kambi Chief Operating Officer, said:

“We are pleased to announce Kambi’s Festival of Sportsbook, an event which offers a valuable opportunity to come together with our partners and other stakeholders from across the sports betting industry.

“We look forward to discussing the future of sports betting across the week and explore how our partners and others within the industry can take advantage of the opportunities it presents.”

You can register to receive updates for the Kambi Festival of Sportsbook here.

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