KO preferred doubt

Hey guys, in the last few months i trained myself to count with KO preferred (with indexes), but i have a few doubts that i wanted to clarify before sitting on a real casino table. First of all, qfit.com states a starting count with a 8d game to be at -28, while most of other sources state -27, since qfit is known for it’s reliability, which one should i follow? Second point, is the RoR and EV calculation that i miss, since i don’t have CVCX software, 8d S17 DAS No Surrender, 70-75 pen, €5000 BR, with €10 Min Bet and 1-5/1-6 bet spread perhaps (but not sure if it’s a proper bet spread). Can probably backcount at beginning and wong in at a good RC but perhaps not be able to wong out continuously, so after wonging in gonna play min bets till the advantage comes. If u guys could help me simulate i would be very thankful! :))

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