Lockdown! What can you do?

Lockdown! What can you do?

Posted by Naresh Veeravalli on 2020-04-03 at 7:07 PM

With this global pandemic creating chaos everywhere, India has gone into a lockdown which I feel is a great initiative by our government to control the spread. When global superpowers are struggling to cope with it, India has been relatively good at controlling the spread, but these numbers could be way higher as we lack testing and people are not reaching out due to fear of exclusion.

During this lockdown, I have mostly focused on improving my game by watching a lot of content online and implementing it in my game. Also. my mentor Adi’s coaching also helps tremendously. Staying home and less distractions helps me be more focused and I’m able to see the improvement in my game.

So, what can we do during this lockdown?

This lockdown has restricted us to homes and instead of being disappointed about it, use this as an opportunity to do things that you have been procrastinating for a while , now you have TIME. Many things can be done during this time like learning a new hobby, playing a music instrument, learning a new language, catching up on reading stuff that you didn’t have time for and even learning to cook and clean by ourselves. Get rid of bad habits like smoking.

So basically it has given us an opportunity to go back to basics and realise what is really important and what unnecessary things we have been clinging onto.

As a poker player you have ample time to study the game and put volume and improve. Find your leaks and work on them.

Also appreciate what you have and realise what’s really important for you.

This gives us a chance to cleanse ourselves of a lot of negative thoughts and get our mindset in the right place. So look at this as an opportunity to work on yourself and improve as a person everyday.

Every situation gives a unique opportunity, capitalise on it and come out of this lockdown an improved person, poker player and most importantly – a better human being .


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