Mir vs. Tarver is Set to Take Place on the Paul-Askren Undercard

Frank Mir Vs Antonio Tarver

  • Frank Mir has gone 1-4 in his last five MMA bouts and is now 41 years old.
  • Mir will be taking on Antonio Tarver in a boxing match on the Ben Askren-Jake Paul undercard.
  • Combat sports fans are now debating how Mir vs. Tarver will play out.

Frank Mir is one of the most accomplished heavyweight MMA fighters on the planet. It seems he’s now looking for challenges outside of his sport. Reports have confirmed that Mir will be taking on Antonio Tarver in a boxing match this year. Now is a great time to talk about how Mir vs. Tarver might play out.

Oftentimes, things don’t work out well for MMA fighters moving into the sport of boxing. Some feel things could be different with this bout, though.

Here’s what you need to know about this exciting clash!

Jake Paul and Ben Askren Continue Their War of Words

In just a few years, Jake Paul has made himself public enemy number-one for combat sports fans around the world. He turned to professional boxing back in early 2020. He’s now 2-0 in the sport, yet both wins have come against fighters without a single prior fight to their name.

On April 17, Jake will return to the boxing ring against former UFC fighter Ben Askren. Jake seems determined to take on high-profile MMA fighters. Some have criticized him for only taking safe bouts against non-strikers.

Ben Askren believes this will be an easy fight. He was a champion in two different MMA promotions. He is primarily a wrestler, however, and never showed much of a striking arsenal during his time in mixed martial arts.

The fight between these two men is starting to heat up. Ben Askren believes Jake Paul will quit during their fight. Jake Paul thinks Askren has sub-par boxing skills and claims he will earn a knockout even quicker than Jorge Masvidal did against Ben back in July of 2019.

There have been many verbal shots thrown at each other on social media lately. Fans around the world are curious to see how things play out between the two fighters. Many are heading to different online sports betting sites to make their wagers on the possible fight outcomes.

The undercard of this event is beginning to look good, too. One exciting matchup has just been booked to take place before the Paul-Asken bout.

Here’s a Quick Breakdown of Mir vs. Tarver

Frank Mir is one of MMA’s true pioneers. He made his debut with the UFC back in 2001 and quickly established himself as one of the most exciting young heavyweights in the sport. Three years later, Mir won the heavyweight title for the first time in his career.

Since 2015, Frank has been struggling in his MMA career. He’s gone 1-4 since that time including three stoppage losses. Most recently, he finally earned a victory by defeating Roy Nelson via unanimous decision in Bellator MMA.

It now seems that Mir wants to try his hand at boxing. He’ll be taking on former multiple-time boxing champion Antonio Tarver on the undercard of the Paul-Askren event. Mir claims he has always wanted to step into the boxing ring and seems confident in his chances of defeating Tarver in April.

There are some questions that surround this bout. Mir seems to be on a career decline and is known primarily for his submission skills. Tarver is 52 years old and many question whether or not he can still compete in the boxing ring at a high level.

Odds for this fight have not yet become available online. It seems likely that Tarver will enter as the slight favorite. Frank Mir is more than 10 years younger than his opponent, though, and has a real shot at pulling off the upset in this bout.

The MMA-boxing rivalry continues. The fact remains that these are two different sports. Fans on both sides will be rooting for their fighters to get wins this April.

Biggest Boxing Fights to Bet on Right Now

The sport of boxing is in an unusual position. Many are complaining that the best fighters are not facing off against one another. Some fans are also taking issue with the fact that celebrities seem to be gaining more attention in the ring than legitimate champions.

Fights like Ben Askren vs. Jake Paul aren’t helping. These men both have large followings and will likely end up generating a significant number of Pay-Per-View buys. Fans can now head over to BetOnline to place their bets on this fight.

At the moment, Ben Askren comes into this fight as the +210 underdog. He was a tremendous MMA fighter but struggled with striking throughout his career. MMA fans are hoping that Ben finally puts an end to Jake Paul’s fighting career.

Jake showed some power by knocking out Nate Robinson back in November of 2020. There are still questions about how he’ll fare against a legitimate fighter. He comes into this fight as the -270 favorite and will likely call out another MMA fighter if he manages to get the victory.

This Saturday, Canelo Alvarez will be returning to take on Avni Yildirim. Canelo is the massive -5000 favorite and just about everyone feels he will win with ease. Yildirim has some power but is still listed as the +1600 underdog to beat boxing’s pound-for-pound fighters. Stay tuned for a recap of this bout after it takes place this weekend!

Are you excited to see Mir vs. Tarver? Who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments section below.

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