NCPG: Super Bowl Highlights the necessity for Responsible Sports Betting

Sports wagering is a topic that is hot the US. Obscured within the revenue that is bawdy and apparently never-ending legalization efforts could be the industry’s darker part, the social harms that gambling leaves in its wake.

In An attempt to shed some light on the presssing issue, the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) published a press release highlighting the importance of safer sports betting. The message addresses this weekend’s matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the anticipated billions of dollars that will get bet on Super Bowl LV, as well as the future as sports expands that are betting brand new markets.

The Uniqueness associated with the Super Bowl Betting

Every year, the Super Bowl is amongst the most-watched occasions worldwide, displaying or otherwise. Additionally it is probably the most bet upon game of the season, with huge amounts of bucks wagered not only regarding the result but on a number of prop bets, including just how long the anthem that is national last and what color Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach.

According to NCPG’s National Survey of Gambling Attitudes and Experiences (, $7 billion will be wagered on Super Bowl LV, with upwards of 25 million americans bets that are placing. The NCPG continues to express that approximately 4% (one million people) will take part in some form of unsafe practice that is betting including:

  • Not setting a limit on how much they will wager
  • Not sticking to that limit
  • Betting to escape feelings of anxiety, stress, and/or depression, whether mentally, emotionally, or financially
  • Viewing gambling as a profitable long-term venture

An Ever-Increasing Problem

Those problems aren’t Super Bowl exclusive and won’t disappear after the big game.

NCPG expects the number of gambling problems to grow with each passing year, which is to be expected as the volume that is sheer of bettors increases with brand new areas continuing to start.

Of Course, gambling can also safely be conducted and responsibly.

When players place wagers responsibly, it can enhance their gameday experience in numerous ways. Governments can also come out ahead, getting their cut through tax revenues to create a very desirable situation that is winwin all involved events and making a sustainable industry as opposed to participating in a short-term cash-grab.

Because with this, it really is in most events’ needs to take part in the conversations and spend money on resources to market safe gambling everywhere wagers could be made. Keith Whyte, NCPG Executive Director, also included in terms of wagering with this weekend’s game: “We want every person to take pleasure from the Super Bowl, but we would also like visitors to recognize the challenges that are included with the expansion that is rapid of betting.”

NCPG Cautions Care, Not Speed in Legislation

Many state governments are dealing with decreased revenue primarily due to the repercussions of COVID-19 year that is last. As a result, they’re trying to legalized recreations wagering in an effort to bridge that space and tax that is generate.

Just because such a trend has led to growth that is steady the recreations wagering industry, that doesn’t suggest the idea is one-sided. There are additionally possible downsides to gambling that governments ignore at their peril, particularly regarding addiction. Hence, legalizing recreations wagering sets the duty on all involved events – stakeholders, lawmakers, regulators, vendors, and anybody making money through the activity – to make sure it really is done properly.

NCPG does know this, too. The pandemic has put brand new monetary, psychological, and strain that is emotional many individuals and families and puts even more risk on people prone to gambling problems. Both for responsible gambling practices and treatment options for those who are negatively impacted.

Help to do their part, NCPG is taking an active approach to work with the public and private sector to make resources and information widely available to the public can be acquired Through the NCPG

NCPG provides free, confidential assistance 24/7 through the nationwide Problem Gambling Helpline at or through call/text at 1-800-522-4700. The corporation is a organization that is nonprofit on issues related to gambling addiction. It is neutral on legalized gambling itself, instead urging people to take action if gambling becomes a problem in their lives or the life of a one.(* that is loved

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