Phil Galfond lays down the gauntlet

Fresh off winning his third Galfond Challenge in a row, Phil Galfond has announced he wants a new opponent.

Unable to play on his own site no doubt because of travel restrictions right now, the challenge is open to anyone who can get to New Jersey or Nevada to play on (the same site that Polk vs Negreanu is taking place on).

He keeps retweeting the open challenge, but so far, no takers. When the world opens up again he is set to take on Bill Perkins, Dan Cates, Brandon Adams and Luke Schwartz if terms can be finalised.

It won’t be Polk

Poker fans hoping for a ‘battle of the champions’ match between Galfond and (almost certainly) Doug Polk will be very disappointed.

Polk has confirmed on Twitter that despite beating Negreanu for a large sum so far in their challenge, he won’t be doing a rematch or taking on any other challenges.

He wants to move away from Nevada which would make online poker difficult, thinks Negreanu has improved too much and, as he has stated several times, he does not enjoy poker anymore.

One obvious next opponent could be Daniel Negreanu who is both in Vegas and seemingly has enjoyed his heads-up challenge more than Polk despite being the six-figure loser in it. We will have to wait to see on that one but no doubt it would be popular with the railbirds.

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Barry Carter

Barry Carter

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