Polk vs Negreanu gets ugly

While it has been a surprisingly cordial affair for the most part, Doug Polk vs Daniel Negreanu has inevitably gotten a bit more trash talky.

It started on Monday when Polk changed his strategy in the match to limping most of his buttons to reduce variance. At the time of writing he has a lead of $701,948 with just over 5,000 hands left to play.

Polk has a number of lucrative side bets on this match, so playing massive pots goes against his best interest. Negreanu, however, was very critical of the change in strategy:

[embedded content]

Polk defended himself on Twitter saying it was a legitimate strategy:

You limp, I stall

Just as Polk was happy to reveal his strategy ahead of time, so was Negreanu in how he was going to counter it. Last night we saw a change in strategy from Negreanu where he took the maximum amount of time to make every decision.

Last night they played 560 hands which is close to half of what an average session would look like. This would indeed buy Negreanu more time to study how to deal with limpers but if the main reason was to simply tilt his opponent, it might have just worked.

Polk seemed very unhappy with the stalling strategy from Negreanu, even though most of his audience didn’t think it was particularly unethical in a Twitter poll:

The next session gets underway on Friday.

Is it unethical for Negreanu to stall every hand? Let us know in the comments:

Barry Carter

Barry Carter

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