Sportsbook/Promos/Bonuses Daily Questions – 1/28/21 (Thursday)

What someone previously said about points bet:

The $500 risk free traditional bet is best used on an underdog with a high-magnitude tight line (+400/-400) and hedged on another platform.

The $1500 bet can’t be fully hedged unless you partner with someone to take the other side. If you’re a fan of pursuing EV+ opportunities, there is an assymetric bias to the upside on this bet – if you win the max, you get $1500 in cash. If you lose the max, your $1500 in cash becomes $1500 in free bets (you can convert them at 65%ish pretty easily so the cash value is ~$975). As a result, a max win is $1500 and a max loss is $525. Given the bias, you want something that is likely going to be a volatile outcome since a nonvolatile outcome doesn’t take full advantage of this assymetric bias.

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