Taking advantage of our resources

So listening to VSiN today, Josh Applebaum and Mike Lombardi were discussing today’s NBA action. Applebaum was giving a game total play, and he recommended when looking at NBA game totals, listeners check out ESPN’s Hollinger’s team stats for pace of play. I’d never heard of this list (although I certainly will be using it now), but it made me realize that I should post here to see if there’s any other go-to online resources (preferably free and available to all) you guys turn to when making your picks. Over the years I’ve found some other ones I tend to use quite frequently, including the weather forecasts for NCAA Football and NFL games on Covers.com, and the analytics on FanGraphs are easy to use and sort (although I believe FanGraphs does require a subscription for some of their info). Anybody have any resources they care to share that other bettors could benefit from as well?

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