The 10 Weirdest Super Bowl 55 Props You Could Bet

Andy Reid speaking to Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (15) speaks with Kansas City Chiefs mind mentor Andy Reid and Kansas City chiefs receiver that is wide Hill (10) on the sidelines as the Chiefs take on the Miami Dolphins during an NFL football game, Sunday, DEC. 13, 2020, in Miami Gardens, Fla. (AP Photo/Doug Murray)
  • Sportsbooks are known to go above and beyond with their offerings every year for the Super Bowl, allowing you to bet on anything and everything throughout the event
  • Super Bowl 55 has some very unique aspects to it, which open up a bevy of new props for bettors
  • See the weirdest props we’ve seen for Super Bowl 55 below

The Super Bowl is the pinnacle of the sports betting calendar. Not only does the game attract a complete lot of big wagers, but you will find tens and thousands of unique wagering possibilities offered by sportsbooks. Your player that is traditional, and game props all have expanded offerings, and then there are the “Super Bowl props”.

We’ve all become very familiar with the props that are recurring the size of the anthem, coin toss, halftime show, and Gatorade bath. I’m ready to bet you’re perhaps not nearly because familiar utilizing the props you’ll find below. I’ve gathered the things I think become the weirdest Super Bowl 55 props available – some are strange from a football fan’s viewpoint, although some are only merely weird.

1) Amanda Gorman’s Poem Props

Super Bowl 55 will probably be extremely unique. For just one, I will be addressed to some other certainly one of Amanda Gorman’s poems ahead of the game, even as we honor three heroes that are pandemic. Gorman’s brilliance hit the spotlight that is national Joe Biden’s inauguration, whenever she recited her poem “The Hill We Climb”.

Odds in the First Word of Gorman’s Poem

Word Odds to Be First
Heroes -120
Pandemic +115
Super +225

Because this woman is now reciting a poem during the Super Bowl, where all things are converted into a betting possibility, you’ll, needless to say, bet on her behalf poem! Combined with the prop that is obvious of long will it take, you can also bet on what word will be said first and which of the honorary captains she will mention first.

With only three options, I’m certainly not a fan of betting this prop. But it’s high on the list for being weird.

2) Will Tom Brady Attempt to High-Five an Official?

Remember when Tom Brady tried to high-five the referee after the Buccaneers extended their lead over the Saints late in the NFL Divisional Round? Well, you can bet it again in the Super Bowl.

Tom Brady tried to high-five the ref ? on him trying*)— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) 18, 2021

The “YES” is going off at +650 odds in this one, with the “NO” heavily juiced at -1400 january. There are much better lottery tickets to purchase if that’s what you’re looking for.

3) Fat-Man Touchdown

For the record, I am simply DraftKing’s that is using terminology this headline. I truly thought we were going to be given a line on the heaviest player to score a touchdown, allowing bettors to choose over or under. But the sportsbook has gone a different direction with this one. Odds when I came across this prop category A Touchdown in Super Bowl


Yes Odds

No Odds

Any Offensive Lineman to score a touchdown

  • +2000
  • -10000
  • Any Offensive or Defensive Lineman to score a touchdown
  • +800


Funny enough, the Chiefs have had an offensive lineman catch a touchdown for them this season on a Lineman Scoring. Offensive tackle Eric Fisher hauled in a score that is two-yard Week 3 against the Ravens. However, Fisher suffered an Achilles injury in the AFC Championship and has been ruled out of the Super Bowl.

One of our top writers at SBD, Bob Duff, mentioned that this prop pays homage to the first Super Bowl prop ever offered –

Remember I said some of these may only be weird to football fans? This is one of them.At first glance, this looks like a prop that is perfectly normal. You’d assume the sportsbook would enable you to select between Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady. But BetMGM has had anywhere near this much, much further, letting you bet on fundamentally any player for each roster.Here will be the couple of players utilizing the worst chances, all detailed at +50000:

Tanner Hudson (TE, Bucs)

Ricky Seals-Jones (TE, Chiefs)

Nick Keizer (TE, Chiefs)

Antony Auclair (TE, Bucs) In games where Mahomes and Brady began and completed the overall game, no other player on the particular rosters has tossed a touchdown pass. Travis Kelce attempted two passes in 2010, doing one of these for four yards, and Sammy Watkins attempted one.
5) Sarah Thomas Props Another reason Super Bowl 55 would be unique is it features the game’s very first feminine official, Sarah Thomas. When I stated before, sportsbooks wish to guarantee their players are able to bet on all facets associated with the Super Bowl. What this means is Sarah Thomas props!
Among the countless reasons to commemorate #NGWSD today: The undeniable fact that we reach see Sarah Thomas get to be the woman that is first work as a Super Bowl official this weekend. ? @onherturf
— Sunday Night Football on NBC (@SNFonNBC) February 4, 2021 While there are a few distasteful and props that are inappropriate some publications that we don’t wish to provide any moment to, there are


enjoyable people, including exactly how Thomas will wear her locks. The choices are either “Down in a ponytail” (-250) or “Up inside her hat” (+175).

6) Missed Field Goal Props

We’ve all arrived at know the “Doink” special at this time, permitting bettors to wager on any industry objective or point that is extra hit an upright or the crossbar. But sportsbooks are giving you even more goal that is field to try out with in Super Bowl 55.

Odds regarding the First Missed Field Goal for the Game

Missed Field Goal


Wide Left


  • Wide Right
  • +110
  • Short


To be clear, a kick that strikes the left upright and bounces away would cash “Wide Left”, while a blocked kick or a kick that bounces off the crossbar and away would cash “Short”.

If you’re wagering this, you’re either extremely razor-sharp or a degenerate. There’s no in between.[having]7) Chain Gang Props[going]If you’re new to the “chain gang”, it is individuals whom contain the markers that are down the sidelines all game. You surely didn’t know you could also bet on how many times they will come onto the field for a measurement.

Super if you didn’t know that Bowl 55 Odds Tracker

This is a life that is real that people have the ability to put their hard-earned money on.

The line is set at 1.5 times, with the over listed at +135 and the under at -175. Can you imagine the thrill of seeing the call that is referee the string gang an extra time once you’ve got the over? Are you able to additionally imagine the rage in seeing the signal that is referee down on what looks to be a ball-carrier coming up just short of the sticks?

Stay safe out there, everyone!

to bed.”

Andy Reid on how he celebrated winning the AFC championship: “Had a cheeseburger and went to bed.”


— B/R Gridiron (@brgridiron) January 20, 2020

He followed that up by saying he was going to, “get the cheeseburger that is biggest you’ve ever seen” after winning Super Bowl 54. It, I’m sure it was a massive cheeseburger. “I’m although I can’t seem to find any video evidence of Gonna go get the cheeseburger that is biggest you have ever seen!”
Never forget Andy Reid’s postgame presser from this past year’s Super Bowl. ? ?: #SBLV — 6:30pm ET on CBS

?: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app sunday*)— NFL (@NFL) February 2, 2021

Reid has already come out and said he’d go with a cheeseburger that is double commemorate their 2nd Super Bowl.

If Andy Reid wins another Super Bowl… He’s going DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER this time around. ??

(via: @NFL)*)— Tim and Sid (@timandsid) February 1, 2021(you might want to look into this prop: Will Andy Reid say “burger”*)If you do like the Chiefs to win on Sunday, Kansas City is currently listed as 3-point favorites,? The “NO” is listed at -1300 odds, while you can get +550 on “YES”.(*)10) What Time Will the Game End?(*)This might be the weirdest one of them all. This prop has nothing to do with any player, team, or storyline from this game. It is the most unexciting, yet very prop. that is weird on which Time the ultimate Play of this Game Is Completed(*)Prop(*)Option 1(*)Option 2(*)Time That the ultimate Enjoy of this Game Is finished(*)10:14:59pm ET or earlier in the day (-114)(*)10:15:00pm ET or later on (-114)(*)Why?(*)There are incredibly numerous facets which could play into this prop. Exactly what if there’s a injury that is serious? How times that are many we see referee stoppages (for the string gang, needless to say)? Imagine if either group relies greatly on the floor game?(*)Also, who’s gambling the underneath with this one?! Imagine spending the 4th quarter of a game that is close at your view, hoping the overall game simply wraps up quickly?(*)

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