What kind of RNG do poker rooms use?

These speculations are as old as online poker itself, and they will never go away. If you look in the “bad beats and vents” forum, you will find “rigged megathread” with almost 13.000 replies and still growing. My honest advice is to forget all about crazy runouts and focus on your own decision making. Collect your hand histories in a tracker and analyse some of your hands away from the table to see, if you made the right decision on every street. If you are not sure, then post them in the hand review forum and hear the opinion of other players.

Variance in poker is often just crazy. This morning I played a short session of 3 SnGs. 2 6-mans and 1 9-man. At first it did not go to well. Lost part of my chips in all 3. Then in a 6-man I looked down at QQ, and was very happy to get it in for 20+BB preflop. The opponent had AA, and I was out. Few seconds later in the other 6-man I looked down at AA, and very happy to get it in 3-ways for 20+BB preflop. One opponent had AK, the other had a small pair, and he made a flush to scoop the pot.

Now I was only in the 9-man, and we were down to 6 players. I managed to build a stack of around 3.000 chips or twice the starting stack. Then I picked up AK in SB, it folded to me, and I jammed on BB, who had 11BB. He called with 76s and won. Few hands later I lost another all-in preflop against the shortest stack of the table, and now I only had 500 chips left. However I still managed to come back from there and win the entire thing. And now I was the one getting lucky in multible spots. The guy, who had made a bad call with 76s, called another jam from me with A6o. This time he was ahead with JJ, but I spiked an A, and he was out.

My point here is, lady luck gives, and she takes, and it all levels out in the long run. In that 9-man I marked 4 hands, I was somewhat unsure about, and ran them in ICMizer afterwords to see, if I made the right play. And I did in each and every one. On the other hand the guy calling with 76s made a big mistake. And its fine, that he did that. He will get punished for that in the long run, and his mistakes will allow me to win.

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