Whom Ya Got? Super Bowl Predictions Pour in from Analysts, Athletes, Madden and…Lion Cubs

With the football period paid off to a game that is single the most important question becomes clear.

Who ya got?(you just want to keep it simple*)As they always do,

Pennsylvania sportsbooks have filled their boards with all kinds of Super Bowl bets – props and player specials and other options to bet almost every minute of the game as soon as the national anthem starts (over or under on that?).But perhaps. Possibly with all the current pomp and scenario, with all the current meals for eating and commercials to view, you simply want the moneyline (which presently has got the Chiefs at -162 plus the Bucs at



So whatever you absolutely need to know is who can win. And who’ll lose.Brady or Mahomes? That do you would like belated into the game?


‘s “First Take” got the predictions began this when the panel considered who they would prefer with the game on the line week. Mahomes earned a edge that is slight

Other ESPN characters have actually chimed in also (predictions have reached the base of this article). Together with CBS Sports staff has its predictions right here.

But the good thing about the Super Bowl is the fact that it is not only concerning the specialists.The game can be so big that there’s space for everyone’s prediction – including animals.On Monday, two lion cubs during the Dallas Zoo made their Super Bowl forecast by picking from a set of identical ice cakes, the one which showcased Kansas City’s colors and another which had Tampa Bay’s. The cubs

went for the Chiefs.So Did pro that is former Stone Cold Steve Austin (via

Bleacher Report), who hedged a little by saying “You can never bet against Tom Brady.”And Penguins star

Sidney Crosby

seemed to use the filibuster when he was asked for his own prediction.Madden video game has resume that is solid of Bowl predictionsBut another prognosticator that is interestingly accurate arrived this week too. Based on the Sporting Information, EA’s Madden gaming franchise has supplied the state prediction for the Super Bowl every since 2004 year. And the game has compiled an impressive

11-6 record (for a winning percentage of about 64%) in the years since, even picking the score that is exact Super Bowl 49. (The Patriots overcome the Seahawks 28-24).This year’s simulation turned out to be pretty exciting, using the digital game tangled up 27-27 belated into the quarter that is fourth. However, the eventual simulated Super Bowl MVP

Patrick Mahomes scored a touchdown that is rushing six moments remaining that place the Chiefs ahead. After which another field objective iced it.Final rating:

Chiefs 37, Patriots 27.So The chiefs covered the

DraftKings Sportsbook

spread (-3) and the game went


the total (55.5 if you’re following the Madden game for your Super Bowl bets comfortably as well.(*)Who ya got?(*)Now it will soon be time to make your own picks that you’ve heard from a bunch of other sources. And each activities bettor has a way. You may consider positions that are certain coaches, experience or styles. The inexperienced might lean toward colors and mascots.(*)But it is constantly enjoyable in order to make a pick. And maybe also a wager too.(*)So, who ya got?(*)Lead image credit: AP Photo/Reed Hoffmann(*)

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